What Is Sports?


Sports are defined as any physical activity that involves a certain amount of physical exertion. The activities are usually competitive, but they are also usually carried out for recreation. In addition, sports are usually regulated by a recognised organisational structure, which oversees the entire process and its delivery. This provides a sense of formality to the activity.

Sports also generates strong emotions, which are expressed through self-evaluation and the evaluation of others. These feelings can be experienced prior to, during, or after a performance. Athletes are also guided by sub-cultures that govern how they express their feelings. For example, athletes may be required to behave appropriately during national anthems or post-game victory celebrations.

In addition to physical and mental benefits, participating in sports helps develop social and life skills. It also improves a person’s personality. It encourages teamwork and decision-making skills, and improves their physical abilities. In addition, sports help students become better communicators. The skills that they gain from playing sports will serve them well in their future endeavors.

The word sports originates from the Old French word ‘desport’, which means “leisure.” In the Middle Ages, the term’sport’ first referred to any physical activity that is considered amusing or entertaining to humans. This was a time when organized games became popular. The Marylebone Cricket Club in 1787 became a pioneer in organizing games and rationalizing competition.