Types of Sports


The term “sport” refers to a number of different activities that people engage in. While some sports involve more organization and structure, others are just social events. In the context of competitive events, the term “sport” usually refers to any activity in which one or more people compete in a team or individually. Sports can vary considerably in terms of their rules, the physical exertion involved, and personal benefits. The following are some examples of the many different types of sports.

Modern sports began in the late 17th century in England, where the concept of a sports record emerged. These games were pushed underground by Puritans, who condemned and often banned many of the traditional pastimes. With the help of Marylebone Cricket Club, the concept of organized games became widespread. The club was a leading force in the development of cricket and rationalized competition. Today, sports include football, soccer, tennis, baseball, and golf.

Historically, sport has always been a popular activity among children. Even in prehistoric times, children engaged in sports to get fit and to compete against one another. Artistic depictions of hunters hunting their prey with a zealous abandon are remarkably similar to those of modern day sport. By the late Middle Ages, sports had become a way of life for the elites. And in the 17th century, the Czech educator John Amos Comenius encouraged physical education and the development of ballet.