The Importance of Sports


Sports are an important part of human society. Not only do they provide us with enjoyment, they also give us pride and a sense of belonging. Many of us develop a deep identification with our favorite team and can feel bitter at the thought of the opposing team’s mediocre performance. We can feel despair when our favorite player is injured or experience ecstasy when a last-minute goal turns defeat into victory.

We define a sport by the type of activity and the rules that govern it. Sports are competitive events that are graded according to “result” or “weight”. Results are judged subjectively, although penalties and handicaps can be used to correct them. In contrast, a time-distance race can be scored objectively based on the time taken to complete the course. Some sports include judging panels to decide on the winner, such as gymnastics and boxing. Others, such as mixed martial arts, assign a win to a fighter with no losses.

Sports teach us important life skills. Participation in team games fosters teamwork, analytical thinking, and goal-setting, and develops our ability to interact with others. These skills are crucial for the success of our lives later on.