The Evolution of Sports


Sports are physical contests that humans pursue for goals and challenges. Although a broad range of activities can be characterized as sports, their core essence remains that they are autotelic–that is, uncoerced, voluntary, and self-motivated.

They also encourage teamwork, and build leadership skills. Moreover, playing sports can help kids and teens develop a positive attitude towards others as well as coping strategies for stress.

In the past, TV networks monopolized sporting events, but now there are many digital streaming services like Hulu + Live TV that carry a large number of popular sports networks. These include big names like ESPN and FS1, along with local channels that air games from major league teams and other regional sports networks.

The development of sports is a part of the larger process of globalization. This movement has facilitated the emergence of international sports organizations and regularly scheduled global competitions. It has also contributed to the creation of a worldwide athletic elite that aims to represent the world’s best at the Olympic Games and other major international tournaments.