Sports and Mass Media


While no one can say exactly when sports began, the activity has been a part of human life for ages. It originated with children, but developed into autotelic physical contests for adults. Sports have also been depicted in prehistoric art, where hunters are depicted chasing prey with joy. Some ancient civilizations even made hunting an end in itself.

Winning a sports event can boost one’s self-confidence. It’s an unnerving experience to perform in front of a crowd, but the right attitude and focus can help an athlete overcome the fear. In addition, a sportsperson’s success can be linked to his or her dedication, patience, and a never-say-die attitude.

Today, sports have become an important part of mass media. Mass media has been instrumental in the evolution of modern sports culture. There is no other cultural form that can draw billions of people for free. As a result, sports and the mass media are deeply interrelated. For example, mass media is crucial to the success of professional sports and the success of individual athletes.

In addition to broadcasting, commercial television networks have made it possible to televise sporting events. While these events are usually broadcast during prime time, broadcasts on commercial television networks often include advertisements. As a result, many sports are affected by the economic interests of the media.